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Don’t get left behind: The Digital Transformation of Fabricators and Module Yards

As projects, in particular on the heavy industrial side, continue the trend of increasing the amount of fabrication and modularization performed to support projects, it will become important that fabricators and module yards modernize through the deployment of technology to remain competitive in a market that is increasing in size. It is inevitable that as this trend continues more players will enter this market and there will be heavy competition. It will be important for these companies to differentiate themselves from the rest.

One of the major ways is the deployment of technology to not only increase the company’s productivity, profitability and competitiveness but also to effectively be able to communicate the status and reliability of deliverables to a customer. In addition, the efficient handover of deliverables (i.e. - drawings, as-builts, quality control verifications, material certificates) digitally is an important factor for customers as well.

Gone will be the days of being able to supply deliverable dates or updates via spreadsheet on a periodic basis or waiting for shipping lists to be generated before customers can see what is going to be delivered to site. Companies are trending toward embedding digital requirements into bidding documents and in many cases disqualifying bidders that do not employ digital solutions.

As the construction industry continues to modernize and increase the usage of digital solutions, it will become important for fabricators and module yards to also employ digital solutions to be able to integrate their information into the rest of the project. With fabricator and module yard scope increasing as a percentage of the overall construction scope, more and more emphasis will be placed on the status and visibility of fabricators and module yards.

Hexagon offers a broad range of technology solutions to support fabricators and module yards:

  • Intergraph Smart® Production powered by NESTIX
  • Intergraph Smart Yard
  • Intergraph Spoolgen
  • Isogen®
  • Isogen Publisher
  • Jovix
  • Intergraph Smart Materials
  • iConstruct
  • Intergraph Smart Construction
  • Intergraph Smart Completions

Digital solutions WILL be standard in all facets of the project ecosystem, inclusive of fabricators and module yards. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Many companies are already realizing the benefits. Get on board now before you’re left behind and it’s too late!

Learn more about Hexagon’s solutions to support fabricators and module yards here.