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How a Leading Indian EPC Firm Leverages Hexagon Solutions for FPSO Project Execution

In the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) sector, technological innovation plays a critical role in enhancing project outcomes. Code Tech International, an Indian EPC company specializing in piping design, has leveraged advanced software tools— CADWorx® Equipment, PVElite®, BricsCAD®, and CAESAR II®—to streamline its projects. Guided by owner Mozammil Khan, with over two decades of industry experience, the company has formed strong international relationships and contributed to significant projects globally. 

The Challenges: The FPSO Project 

The company's expertise was put to the test in a challenging project: the design and installation of a Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) unit. FPSOs are critical in the oil and gas industry for processing and storing fluids extracted from underwater reservoirs. The project presented a unique set of challenges, such as addressing blast and collision damage, accounting for fatigue from continuous wave motion, and adhering to strict weight limitations. 

The Solution: 

The success in overcoming these challenges was attributed to the effective integration of design and analysis software. The use of CADWorx® for design purposes and CAESAR II® for analysis facilitated a seamless workflow, enabling the project team to navigate the complexities of FPSO design with greater efficiency. The project unfolded in three phases over five months, beginning with initial modeling and progressing through the finalization of piping routes, integration, and the production of accurate metric drawings. 

This structured approach not only ensured adherence to tight deadlines and budget constraints but also upheld the rigorous standards required for such an intricate offshore structure. The detailed evaluation of potential impact consequences was a critical aspect of the design process, ensuring the FPSO's resilience under various operational conditions. 

Emphasizing Skill and Software Synergy 

The project's leadership underscored the importance of combining skilled teamwork with the right technological tools. The selection of compatible software tools was strategic, focusing on those that offered both high performance individually and effective integration collectively. This ensured streamlined processes and integrated solutions throughout the project's lifecycle, highlighting the importance of software proficiency and the selection of tools that complement existing workflows. 

Moving Forward 

Khan attributes the project's success to the synergy between skilled teamwork and cutting-edge software, emphasizing the importance of software proficiency and the selection of tools that integrate well into existing workflows. The strategic choice of CAESAR II and CADWorx facilitated accuracy, quality, and efficiency, exemplifying the project's testament to excellence in meeting the demands of complex and ambitious engineering projects. 

As the industry moves forward, the insights gained from such projects emphasize the need for a balanced approach that combines technological innovation with human expertise. For EPC companies navigating the complexities of modern engineering challenges, the adoption of advanced software solutions, coupled with a commitment to skill development and team proficiency, is key to achieving project excellence and meeting the ever-increasing standards of the sector. For more details about this case study, click here