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How Did Hexagon’s CAESAR II® Solution Help Giorgi Engineering Srl Optimize Safety?

Giorgi Engineering Srl – one of the leading Italian brands of flexible steel hoses and expansion joints, was planning to optimize the design of the expansion joints and pipe supports to improve the safety of their existing power facility. The company was looking for software that would enable it to define the correct placement for the pipe supports and expansion joints faster while reducing the total stress of the system.  

Overcoming Challenges  

One of the biggest challenges was to develop the approach in an agile manner – to deliver the project scope in a short time, considering all planned security measures. Another challenge was to provide safety – as the work took place in the power area of the facility and was executed at high temperatures (more than 700 degrees Celsius).  

Achieving Better Results with Hexagon's Solutions  

The project's scope included designing and simulating loads for parts of a food and beverage factory's power plant, including the boiler, bypass lines, piping systems, silencer, and expansion joints. Giorgi Engineering chose Hexagon's CAESAR II, the industry standard for pipe stress analysis for the project.  

The solution provided multiple benefits:   

  • User-friendliness and flexibility  

  • Reduced calculation time  

  • Accurate display of data  

  • Improved safety   

Besides the above benefits, the software helped Giorgi Engineering to define and specify the locations for the supports, expansion joints, and hangers. It also ensured that the overall stress of the piping system was in an acceptable range.  

Taking the Next Steps  

Giorgi Engineering found CAESAR II to be extremely user-friendly and fast to get started, as it helped users learn quickly. That means fewer errors, better designs, and higher accuracy in estimating project pipe loads.  

"We currently use CAESAR II across our project piping engineering and technical departments. It is effortless to build expansion joints in CAESAR II – and the overall time needed for calculating loads is incredibly low.," said Dr. Kambiz Reshad, Senior designer and project engineer, Giorgi Engineering. 

You can read the complete case study here to learn more about what Giorgi Engineering achieved with CAESAR II.  

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