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How Hexagon’s Solutions Help DB Progetti Save Cost and Time While Designing a Construction Project?

DB Progetti, an Italian company, providing support to oil and gas companies, was working on a project for the oil and gas industry in the Middle East where they had to design and construct skids for launching receiving pigs, which are used to clean oil and gas pipelines. However, the goal was to achieve an optimum design to avoid construction problems while satisfying client requirements.

DB Progetti was looking for a new way to collaborate on their projects. They wanted an easy-to-use solution that would allow them to develop quickly and easily make changes to the 3D model received from the client. 

Overcoming Challenges

DB Progetti’s biggest challenge was building the equipment and piping based on the skid’s footprint and performing all necessary mechanical calculations. The company obtained a 3D model from their client, then had to insert their piping and structures into this.

The company chose Hexagon’s CADWorx ® Plant Design Suite to create a 3D model of the equipment, piping, and structures based on their client’s 3D model. With this tool, they were able to create a 3D model that was accurate and precise—essential for supporting their mechanical calculations.

How did Hexagon’s solutions help?

DB Progetti was already using Hexagon’s PV Elite® for stress analysis of pressure vessels. To add value to their growing business, they chose CADWorx Plant Design Suite. 

With CADWorx, DB Progetti created a single model with all relevant information integrated into one cohesive skid unit using this software. This enabled them to quickly make changes throughout the project lifecycle as the design evolved. Due to the bi-directional integration between the products, they modeled the equipment using CADWorx Plant’s equipment module, imported it into PV Elite to perform stress analysis, then updated the 3D design model afterward by re-importing the vessel with the changes proposed by PV Elite’s design assistance capabilities, ensuring the final design included an accurate as-analyzed representation of the pressure vessel. 

  • CADWorx provided multiple benefits to the company:
  • 20 percent of time-saving that was directly linked to the cost savings
  • Collaboration among the technical team was improved as they were trained together to use the software 

Since all Hexagon software is integrated, this made it easy for our team to work on the project on different levels of engineering, and this solution proved to be quite a time-saving.”, said Mr. Flavio Baldiraghi, CEO and Project Manager


Implementing Hexagon’s solutions allowed DB Progetti to work at all levels of complexity while engineering the project and successfully proceeding with the construction process while saving significant time and money.

You can read the complete case study here to learn more about what DB Progetti achieved with Hexagon's solutions.