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The Power of Data

Data generation is nothing new for the chemical industry. Because of industrial automation, chemical companies generate large quantities of data from alarms, laboratory results, shift book logs, instrumentation diagrams, and numerous reports. There is an abundance of data; however, this information may not always be available where and when you need it. Aging infrastructure, planned and unplanned shutdowns, safety hazards, structural changes, information overload, and complex manufacturing supply chains create challenges for the chemical industry. Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (HxGN EAM) solutions help chemical companies to harness the power of data to address some of the key challenges in the industry.

Data analytics has an important role in production, supply chain, preventive maintenance and asset management, energy management, R & D, and pricing and purchasing. You can give your company a competitive edge in the chemical industry by leveraging the power of data. HxGN EAM provides chemical companies with real-time access to data and updated documents improving safety, sustainability, performance, regulatory compliance, and productivity.

At HxGN EAM, we understand your goals of achieving safer and more sustainable working environments for your chemical company. The chemical industry is constantly changing. The traditional approach to sustainability is no longer adequate to meet your goals. It is critical to have a holistic approach to sustainability that provides flexibility, resilience, responsiveness, and environmental care for the changing environment. You need complete visibility into assets and control of maintenance to reduce costs and downtime while increasing productivity. Our Enterprise Asset Management solution can help you gain insight from your company data. The Enterprise Asset Management solution focuses on three key areas: Safety, Sustainability, and Plant Maintenance.


You need real-time data that provides insight into safety issues and delivers effective solutions. HxGN EAM has safety management that utilizes your data to identify and control safety hazards, comply with health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations, and protect people and the environment.

Compliance regulations guide chemical companies to achieve national, global, or regional safety standards. With the global reach of the chemical industry, you may experience challenges in compliance with international regulations within the market. Our Enterprise Asset Management solution will allow your organization to maintain compliance with Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Registration of Chemicals (REACH), the European regulatory body for chemical companies.

Additionally, HxGN EAM allows organizations to align to REACH to ensure products are safe and reliable. .


Sustainability is critical for staying ahead of the competition. In the past, the focus of sustainability was environmental impact. A modern definition of sustainability emphasizes asset management without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The price for failing to address long-term sustainability may be extremely high. To achieve sustainability, you may need to look beyond the financial bottom line and resource utilization.

You need to use a holistic approach to sustainability and assess your overall performance in the context of social, environmental, and governance (SEG) forces. In the current digital age, you want more than a solution to sustainability issues. You want to take your chemical company to the next level by embracing digital innovation, leveraging the full potential of data, and outperforming the competition. You can partner with HxGN EAM to embark on a digital transformation journey, automate your way, leverage your data to deliver benefits, and achieve scalable sustainability.

Plant Maintenance

Downtime is a major issue in the chemical industry. A comprehensive and holistic approach to plant maintenance may reduce downtime events to near zero. However, you don’t want a purely reactionary approach to maintenance. Plant maintenance provides facility managers, maintenance personnel, and operators in the chemical plant data for identifying potential issues and preventing shutdowns. Once you identify potential issues, you can schedule corrective maintenance to improve production quality and minimize defective parts. You can expect several benefits from plant maintenance.

• The sensors and data can help staff identify potential issues and prevent downtime and shutdowns. They can also schedule corrective maintenance with minimal effects on production.

• The preventive maintenance schedules enable the staff to perform proactive maintenance, maintain inventory, and place orders with accuracy.

• The need for expensive emergency maintenance and repairs is reduced. You can expect low maintenance costs, workforce productivity, and a high spare parts inventory.

If you are actively looking to maximize your company’s use of assets by using data to analyze and predict maintenance, look no further. HxGN Enterprise Asset Management provides an ideal solution for maintaining aging plants in compliance with EHS requirements while targeting sustainability goals. If you want to focus on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while increasing uptime and reducing breakdowns, our Enterprise Asset Management is for you. Call us to speak with a representative and schedule a meeting to discuss our Enterprise Asset Management solutions.