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How Hexagon’s PV Elite® Helped Hering AG Improve Project Efficiency and Productivity?

Hering AG is a market leader for custom heat exchangers, designing and manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers setting standards in quality, design, and function. 

The company was working on a supply of heat exchanger equipment for a mining project in Canada, where exploration of the mine needed a lot of energy. The client wanted a heat recovery unit supplier to help with energy management in the mine. This was a massive project; the goal was to deliver the units in record time with the right calculations performed and approved while ensuring they could meet all their clients’ needs.   

Overcoming Challenges 

Hering AG usually relied on external companies to perform code calculations. Having a large number of projects to execute, they found that when they needed to outsource the calculations, the external contractors they relied on couldn’t always meet the project timelines due to insufficient resources.   

The main challenge was predicting how long it would take for external agencies to complete their work, making it hard to plan and deliver their projects effectively. 

How did PV Elite help? 

When Hering AG set out to design and build the heat exchangers for the mining project, they knew they needed a solution that would be straightforward to use and produce high-quality results fast, plus they ensured the designs they produced conformed to the project design codes and standards.  

They chose PV Elite because of its reputation for accuracy and speed, plus Hexagon’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction. The partnership paid off: Hering AG received the help and achieved the results they were looking for!    

PV Elite has helped us save time and money. We have reduced our engineering and calculation costs by 30 percent. We have also kept our quality level high, as PV Elite is an excellent tool for designing and validating our products.”, said Maximilian Stechhammer,  Head of Sales & Marketing, Hering AG. He further added, We are very pleased with the project results using PV Elite. It is easy to use, and our designers feel comfortable working on it, as it offers several powerful features but does not require excessive learning time. We have been able to do the calculations quickly and efficiently, and we plan to continue using it for our future projects.” 


The project had many challenges, but the outcome was a win-win: not only did Hering AG achieve their goal of bringing all production processes under one system, but they also achieved an increase in product quality. PV Elite helped them increase efficiency and keep track of their production schedule. 

You can read the complete case study here to learn more about what Hering AG achieved with Hexagon's solutions.