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How Hexagon’s Solutions Helped KEYNES Gain Design Flexibility and Meet Interoperability Requirements?

KEYNES Planungsgesellschaft mbH is a German engineering and construction services company operating since the 1960s, focusing on all phases of plant planning.  

For 20 years, KEYNES has used Hexagon's PDS® solution to design and execute construction projects. Still, the company decided it was time to move on to a more modern design solution that could help meet their clients' high expectations.  

A Great Transition  

The company's goal was to find a comprehensive 3D plant design solution that would provide multi-disciplinary capabilities for the various brownfield and greenfield project scopes, and other additional benefits.  

After evaluating CADWorx Plant Professional and other industry solutions, KEYNES found that Hexagon's software offered the best combination of user-friendliness, flexibility to accommodate changes in design, and the ability to be integrated with other information. The solution allowed KEYNES to move away from its manual drawing process, embracing technology to automate the production of isometric drawings.  

Several of KEYNES' clients use Intergraph Smart® Isometrics in combination with other Hexagon solutions to support pre-fabrication and construction. Smart Isometrics can import IDFs or PCFs and offers powerful piping data manipulation tools to incorporate additional information essential for the pre-fabrication and erection of piping spools. The software also produces all the documentation needed to support completion and commissioning.  

Achieving Better Results Together  

Configuration of the software is underway, but there were several initial gains, including:  

  • a more accessible and faster project setup,  

  • a simpler template,  

  • a more straightforward reporting tool, and many more.  

Also, CADWorx can re-use the PDS Isogen configuration, meaning the exact deliverables that have always been possible are produced from CADWorx.  

In addition, the KEYNES administration staff and users quickly adopted the innovative solutions in a matter of days.  

"Making the switch to CADWorx Plant Professional makes our project set up easier, more efficient, and accurate than previously when using PDS, saving us time and resources.", said Christian Hennisge, CIE Lead Administrator, KEYNES.  

Moving Forward   

CADWorx Plant Professional software will allow KEYNES to provide its clients with a full-service offering while ensuring that deliverables are up to industry specifications. Overall, the adoption of CADWorx Plant Professional has allowed KEYNES to automate time-consuming and repetitive elements of its design process, increasing efficiency. 

Read the complete case study here to learn more about what KEYNES achieved with Hexagon solutions.  

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