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No-Code Mobile Apps Provide Right-Fit Functionality for Projects, Without the Overhead

As more and more organizations look to mobile apps to distribute enterprise business application functionality to their employees, they face an all new challenge. Enterprise mobile apps are seemingly simple, yet often require more development effort than their desktop/laptop counterparts: functionality, UX, platform support, and integration with secure data sources can add up to much more time than any organization can afford. Gartner anticipates that by the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development will grow five times faster than IT organizations can deliver them.

The alternative has usually been relying on enterprise software vendors to provide pre-built mobile applications for the organization’s users. The problem there is that each organization has its own unique preferences, business rules, and priorities. What makes mobile apps effective is often their simplicity, and it’s unlikely that an organization will find an off-the-shelf app that caters to every single item on their wish list.

But a new approach to software development, low-code platforms, creates an opportunity for organizations to create their own software with little or no coding expertise. As Fortune reports, “opening an app’s development to the non-techies who need the app removes misunderstandings between the IT department and other employees about what the end user needs”. Allowing the user to play a role in developing the app can greatly reduce development time and also ensure that the app fills the appropriate need for any given organization.

Considering the McKinsey estimate that 9 out of 10 large-scale projects face cost overruns or delays, EcoSys understands that improving project performance means improving connections and communication, and that in turn means effective mobile apps. Our Mobile Application Platform is designed so that specific business needs can be met with no “programming” involved, no data integration effort, and no need for updates. Time to release an app takes days instead of weeks. The only real effort involved is deciding what the app should do.

EcoSys CTO Noah Parker says the mobile app platform is really just a logical continuation of what EcoSys EPC has already enabled. “We want business users to be able to independently create right-fit workflows with easy interfaces. It’s good for our customers because they get exactly what they need, and it’s good for us because we can focus on producing new capabilities.”