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What's New: AcceleratorKMS and AcceleratorLXP 5.0 are Here!

AcceleratorKMS 5.0 improves human performance and fully integrates with the AcceleratorLXP module that is focused on the learner experience in operations.  A key component of Hexagon’s Smart Digital Reality, the new AcceleratorKMS operates in the same way as previous versions of the knowledge management suite, while also improving efficiency for the connected worker and expanding the reach of the learning platform. 

AcceleratorKMS 5.0 enhances authoring, enables integration and minimizes operator risks through: 

  • Branch conditional functionality for yes and no decision paths 

  • Embedded iFrames 

  • An API endpoint to start a completion 


AcceleratorKMS key features: 

  • Branch conditional functionality enhancements - Provide a clear branch decision for operators that aligns with their field use to reduce problems that arise from misinterpretation and extra steps. It also aids writers by eliminating the need to write duplicative branches or explanations.

  • Endpoint to create a completion for integration enablement - Automatically creates a new completion within AcceleratorKMS with integration, rather than relying on manual actions, to amplify efficiency and accuracy, and allow field workers to focus on carrying out work steps instead of setting up. 


AcceleratorLXP 5.0 evolves capabilities: 

  • Multi-language support 

  • Re-qualifications & qualification import 

  • Pathway refresh 


AcceleratorLXP key features: 

  • Learning pathway refresh - As a learning administrator, you can change learning modules and conditions and decide how these changes affect learners already on a pathway to get the most up-to-date training. This won't affect the learners who have completed their assignments.  

  • Bulk and individual loading of pre-existing qualifications—You can import existing qualifications, such as past training records, into AcceleratorLXP. This feature also enables the tracking of external training activities within the system.  

  • Multi-language support - UI and user-generated content can now be tagged with languages to provide users with an enriched training experience in their native language.  

  • Re-qualification - These pathways help learners maintain their qualifications over time. Think of this pathway as a set of steps to renew your qualification. The expiration and warning dates control when the requalification will get assigned to learners. Reporting is updated to show when the last requalification occurred. 

With enhancements to the connected field worker experience which increase efficiency and reduce riskCheck out all that we have to offer in this latest update to our documentation: 

For more information, please contact Jana Redford or Colin Jennings, AcceleratorKMS and AcceleratorLXP Senior Product Owners-; 

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About the Authors: 

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Jana Redford
Senior Product Manager
Hexagons’ Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division

For more than 20 years, Jana has delivered user-centric technology and software solutions to address complex business problems in a variety of industries, including oil & energy and financial services. Jana leverages her early background in software development to provide critical insights that both shape the current application and establish the architecture for future customer requirements. Jana joined the AcceleratorKMS team 4 years ago and most recently took the lead for product management processes and new feature development. 



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Colin Jennings
Senior Project Manager
Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division

Colin has over 25 years of experience in the knowledge management sector, working as a Product Manager, Development Manager, Project Manager and Solution Architect. He started his career in eLearning, becoming a subject expert in digital transformation. His work in digitization awarded him the 2005 Bell Achievement Award and, in 2006, New Brunswick Rising Star. In 2012, he started with AcceleratorKMS as the Development Manager and grew the product from a single-client tool to what it is today. In 2020, he went back to his roots of digitization and created a new product called AcceleratorDI, combining the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce the cost and duration of onboarding clients into AcceleratorKMS. Colin lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and is an active member of his local project management chapter of PMI and has attained his PMP and PMI-ACP credentials.