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Hexagon's Solutions Help the Students of Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești Gain Practical Experience & Promote Technological Advancement

Engineering is a crucial component of our daily lives, permeating nearly every aspect of our world – from driving innovation to serving diverse industries. Moreover, engineering plays a vital role in addressing critical social issues such as disaster recovery, inequality, and climate change. Additionally, it impacts areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and education.  

As our dependence on technology deepens, engineering becomes increasingly essential in developing solutions for the future and devising novel ways to progress. 

Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești (UPG), a public university in Romania, has recognized this need and partnered with Hexagon to provide its students with access to various software solutions. The partnership began in February 2023 through the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and it is already yielding significant benefits for students, professors, and doctoral students at UPG.  

The software solutions provided by Hexagon, including CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, Smart® 3D, PV Elite®, TANK®, and GT STRUDL®, are being incorporated into various courses and specializations offered by the university. Among the specializations that benefit from this partnership are students of the Equipment for Refinery and Petrochemistry, Product Design Engineering, Technical Systems Integrity, and Flexible Pipeline Systems courses.  

UPG's students appreciate the practical application of theoretical concepts learned in class using Hexagon's software solutions. They have expressed enthusiasm for the user-friendly interface and associated materials database used in constructing pressure vessels offered by PV Elite. Similarly, the CAD platform used in the CADWorx has been praised for its ease of use.  

The partnership between Hexagon and UPG promotes innovation and technological advancement by integrating academic research and practical applications. By incorporating these software solutions into their coursework, students gain valuable practical experience that prepares them for careers in the industry, increasing their chances of being hired by leading companies in the industry.  

Furthermore, utilizing these solutions enhances the quality and effectiveness of academic research, thereby promoting innovation and technological advancement. This collaboration is a win-win situation that benefits the academic and industrial sectors by creating a pool of highly skilled and innovative professionals.  

"As a university, we always seek opportunities to provide our students with access to the latest tools and technologies to help them achieve their academic and professional goals. Hexagon's engineering software solutions have been an invaluable asset to our institution in this regard.", says Mr. Costin Ilincă, Vice - Dean of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty.  

He adds, "Looking ahead, we are excited to continue working with Hexagon to explore new and innovative ways to incorporate their solutions into our curriculum and to provide our students with even more opportunities to excel in their academic and professional pursuits."  


In conclusion, the partnership between Hexagon and UPG is a valuable collaboration that bridges the gap between academia and industry, resulting in a better-prepared workforce and more innovative solutions to real-world challenges. It is an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical, hands-on experience in their chosen fields while promoting innovation and technological advancement.  

Please reach out if you wish to learn more about our educational licenses. 

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