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PAS PlantState Integrity 10.0 Version Release


Increased Importance of Key Operational Data, Analytics and Metrics in the Digitalization Journey

As companies strive to maximize the transformational benefits of digitalization within their organizations, critical operations metrics and analytic data are ever-increasingly important. For the process and power industries, more and more critical operations data is being pushed to data lakes to facilitate advanced data analytics to support next-level performance in safety, the environment and cost. In addition, engineering teams are extracting and combining data from various systems of record to contextualize and visualize that data in the likes of Power BI. Unlocking the potential of your data and turning it into actionable information transforms safety, quality, efficiency and productivity across the asset lifecycle. 
Vital to these activities is the ability to extract that data from operational systems and monitor the ongoing health of these systems, thus ensuring a continuous stream of quality data. 
PAS PlantState IntegrityTM Suite v10.0 provides key operational safety analytics and metrics via RESTful APIs to facilitate easy consumption within data lakes, other third-party applications and Microsoft's Power BI. 
The new performance and health capabilities ensure that system administrators can proactively monitor the health of the solution, ensuring any data outages from source systems are addressed in a timely manner to minimize their impact further along the data chain. 

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