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Rudy Engineering Suite

Rudy for Engineers, an AI-powered engineering suite to help engineers automate Technical Bid Evaluations (TBEs) and knowledge engineering for plant equipment. RUDY is an acronym for Reading and Understanding Documents for You and is primarily designed for EPCs and EPCMs.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and use knowledge engineering to digitally transform this process with Intergraph Smart® Materials  to create bid tabulations.

Key Features

1.    Bid evaluation workbench for equipment, packages and bulk items
2.    Collaboration engine for internal and external collaboration
3.    Technical query generation
4.    Analytics and insights
5.    Global Search, Notifications, alerts and report generation


Version 2.3.1 is compatible with most Intergraph Smart® Materials versions

About Rudy Engineering Suite

Founded in 2015, we are a US-based Technology company, dedicated to the creation of pioneering & user-friendly cloud solutions for Engineers and unsolved Engineering problems. From the start of our journey, we have focused on digitally transforming conventional industries by delivering software that bring cost and time efficiency to their processes. Our headquarters are in Detroit and we serve our clients globally.
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and generative AI capabilities, we have developed a comprehensive digital platform, RUDY Engineering Suite(RES), for technical bid evaluations and knowledge engineering. 

Rudy engineering suite is built by engineers for engineers.

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