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What is Intergraph Smart Cloud?

Intergraph Smart Cloud is Hexagon's PPM division's Software as a Service platform for delivering Intergraph Smart applications in a high-performance, secure and reliable fashion. Smart Cloud is NOT a hosting service. It is a fully managed end-to-end solution providing benefits at every phase of your digital transformation. *** SCRIPT: In today’s technology driven society, it’s easy to assume all clouds are created equal. But that would be misleading. No matter the industry, different roles require various tools from their solutions. Minimizing budget overrun, managing unplanned outages, providing innovative solutions without jeopardizing operations, information management processes and tools, project completion, avoiding slipping deadlines, accuracy and timeliness, regulatory compliance, meeting third party commitment levels, vendor documentation… this list is long. There’s no doubt that deployment via the cloud is the preferred method. Intergraph Smart Cloud is Hexagon PPM's Software as a Service platform for delivering Intergraph Smart applications in a high-performance, secure and reliable fashion. The Smart Cloud Portal provides an intuitive, role-based interface for users to access project applications and streamlines the management of cloud environments for administrators by reducing overhead and capital costs. Smart Cloud is not just a hosting service. It is a fully managed end-to-end solution. Smart Cloud handles all security aspects, including: AI base virus-scanning/malware protection, user access monitoring, data encryption and routine backups. Data is Secure and 100% Yours. Outside hackers have traditionally been perceived as the biggest security threat, however, security executives now consider a careless member of staff as their biggest security threat. When you include vendors, suppliers, contractors and partners, the risk grows. Hexagon PPM understands you have intellectual property that needs protection. We provide this through our industry-leading commitment to ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance, two leading infosec standard for Cloud security involving formal auditing and certification by third-party resources. We protect your data with strong user compliance and governance, in addition to daily off-site backups. To ensure all intellectual property stays secure, information can be segregated from access at various levels. Internal departments maintain control while providing users various levels of access. Continuous optimization and monitoring with 24/7 support. Most companies assume adopting a cloud service will increase risk for their organization, partners and suppliers, and hesitate to make the transition. To take the risk out of this transition, we provide a dedicated team of experts to guide you through the initial use of the Smart Cloud service to put your team at ease and to ensure your success. Early implementation support identifies issues, shares best practices and removes barriers to adoption. Hexagon PPM is your partner to make your cloud implementation successful. Once you are up and running, we will maintain and monitor your global infrastructure, enabling you to focus on your core business. Regardless of the type of issue – network, hardware or software – our unparalleled Smart Cloud service team is available 24/7 to solve your problem. Faster start up. Compressed schedules. Lower cost. Project managers have told us that it can take months to become fully operational, which eats into the schedule. Additional provisioning for peak usage leads to idle resources and increased costs in both infrastructure and man-hours. With Smart Cloud, you gain agility to rapidly start up, compress schedules and scale your resources up or down to meet your needs. Smart Cloud also offers the ability to leverage local knowledge across multiple global offices. Smart Cloud is accessible from virtually any type device with no changes to your IT infrastructure. The benefits of Intergraph Smart Cloud are apparent at every phase of your Journey. 1) Reduce Upfront Investments on Hardware, Licenses, and Space 2) Reduce Startup Time and Simplify the set-up Process 3) Free up IT resources to focus on driving core business activities 4) Rest assured our Security is second to none 5) Information is accessible anytime and anywhere 6) Our world class support is offered 24/7/365 7) Automated protection and health monitoring 8) Minimize hardware and infrastructure maintenance cost 9) Enjoy regular updates 10) Scale up and down when needed 11) And utilize flexible pricing based on usage Intergraph Smart Cloud: Empowering your Digital Transformation. ***