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How Godrej Transformed its Asset Management with HxGN EAM?

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. (G&B) is an Indian conglomerate known for its exceptional engineering and innovative spirit, contributing to India's economic progress since its establishment in 1897. However, tracking and managing more than 15,000 assets spread across 14 business units is not an easy job. 

The Challenge: Managing Diverse Assets Across Multiple Business Units 

G&B's in-house application to coordinate maintenance activities did not allow them to track asset data with the granularity required. Moreover, manually extracting maintenance analytics, KPI information, and reports took time. Finally, the application was not connected to the company's ERP or spare part inventory. The key objective of implementing a new asset management solution was to streamline maintenance processes across a diverse range of assets, including manufacturing plants, facilities, and fleets, in real time. Additionally, G&B required a solution that could easily connect to third-party systems and deliver the benefits associated with Industry 4.0 and RPA. 

The Solution 

To address this issue, G&B implemented HxGN EAM. This best-in-class asset management solution could streamline maintenance processes and leverage AI and Machine Learning to minimize machine downtime, improve decision-making, and achieve greater agility.   

HxGN EAM offered real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, providing a standard solution for all business verticals with the flexibility to address the needs of various business units. Its advanced capabilities drove a more effective use of resources and helped reduce operational costs. HxGN EAM's intuitive user interface was also a decisive factor in its selection, as it involved the implementation of the software for over 2,000 people across 35 distinct locations. HxGN EAM is integrated with various systems, including the company's Infor LN ERP, MES, SFDC CRM, and in-house customer request application. 

Key Results: Improved Asset Uptime, Labor Utilization, and Inventory Costs 

Today, HxGN EAM manages over 150,000 assets, 1.5-million-part references, 95,000 work orders per year, and 125,000 documents. The company can maintain appropriate inventory and make informed decisions regarding equipment updates or upgrades with complete access to all assets. The system also tracks uptime, MTBF, and MTTR, which allows the company to improve its asset uptime from 60% to more than 95%. As a result, inventory costs were reduced by 45%, and effective labor utilization was improved by 70%. The ease of searching inventory and gaining a full view of all stock across all locations allowed better decision-making regarding purchases, repairs, and renewals. HxGN EAM has led to a number of significant benefits for the company. In the years to come, it will continue to support the company's future growth and mission to delight over a billion customers worldwide. 


G&B's implementation of HxGN EAM has transformed its asset management capabilities, allowing it to manage its assets more efficiently, reduce operational costs, and improve uptime. HxGN EAM's real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, intuitive user interface, and advanced capabilities have made it an ideal solution for G&B's diverse operations. The platform's scalability and workflow adaptability allow easy asset tracking and management. The successful deployment of HxGN EAM was possible due to Hexagon's implementation, migration, and training support. G&B's experience shows that implementing a best-in-class asset management solution like HxGN EAM can significantly benefit a company. 

You can read the complete case study here to learn more about what G&B achieved with HxGN EAM.    

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