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Enterprise Asset Management

Increase Field Technician Productivity: How the latest HxGN EAM Digital Work enhancements speed up daily tasks

For field technicians, every second counts when executing work and managing assets on the go. Whether it's inspecting equipment, processing transactions, or accessing critical data, efficiency is the name of the game. HxGN EAM's latest mobile enhancements are enabling field technicians with a more streamlined and productive experience. Let's dive into these enhancements and explore how they're improving the lives of technicians in the field.

1. Advanced Mobile: Desktop Power in Your Pocket

Picture this: the ability to perform tasks that were once exclusive to desktop computers is now right in the palm of your hand. HxGN EAM's Advanced Mobile user type bridges the gap between mobile capabilities and desktop functionalities. Technicians can now seamlessly access, manage, and update even more critical information without being tied to a computer. While specific administrative tasks might need to be handled on a desktop, Advanced Mobile focuses on integrating everything logical and essential for mobile users into the Digital Work interface. 

2. Transactional Efficiency: The Power of Barcode Scanning

Transaction processing now introduces the Issue Transaction Screen. Designed for both Field Work and Advanced Mobile users within the Digital Work application, this enhancement maximizes barcode scanning capabilities. Imagine effortlessly issuing and posting transactions by scanning barcodes or using your device's camera. This results in a streamlined process that shaves off precious minutes from data entry tasks. This enhancement means technicians can devote more time to what truly matters – their core responsibilities.

3. Enhanced Navigation and Insight: Improved Checklist Filters and Multi-Select Lookups

Navigating through tasks has never been smoother. HxGN EAM's enhanced navigation and insights take user experience to a new level. Thanks to the improved checklist filters introduced in the March release of version, technicians can quickly spot items that demand attention,  or require follow-up action.  Choosing multiple values or all records based on specific needs saves time and ensures tasks are completed precisely.

4. Seamless Integration: Introducing Deep Linking Capabilities

The latest version of HxGN EAM introduces deep linking capabilities that seamlessly transition technicians between Digital Work and EAM Mobile applications. This integration isn't just about convenience – it's about enhancing user flexibility and ensuring a fluid workflow. Technicians can now navigate effortlessly between applications, allowing uninterrupted focus on the task.

5. Proof of Delivery Sign-Off: Documentation Made Easy

Completing Work Orders is a crucial part of a technician's world. The new Proof of Delivery Sign-Off feature in version 12.0.1 simplifies documenting and confirming that work has been completed. Technicians can now provide essential documentation for tracking and accountability, all with the tap of a finger. This feature streamlines communication, reduces errors, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

The life of a field technician is riddled with challenges, but HxGN EAM's latest mobile enhancements are changing the game. From bringing even more desktop functionality to mobile devices to boosting transactional efficiency and providing enhanced navigation and insights, these updates are about making a technician's life smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more productive.

To learn more about the latest enhancements of HxGN EAM Digital Work, check out our On-Demand Webinar, where we take a deep dive into explaining the newest release of HxGN EAM 12.0.1.