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EcoSys v8.8 ‘New Record’ Options in Forms

EcoSys continues to enhance and add new configuration options in Forms. Forms in EcoSys are another data tool that provides users an easy-to-read format which contains just the essential fields they need. Starting with EcoSys v8.8.01, Forms can be configured to enable the data entry of a Single new record or Multiple new records. This feature has been designed for adding new records only.

In the Forms definition area on the Options tab, the ‘Can add records’ checkbox (see image below) has replaced the previous ‘Can add new records’ option. When ‘Can add records’ is selected, the end user is able to add either Multiple records or a Single record within the Form.

When ‘Can add records’ is NOT enabled, the Form will not allow users to add/create new records.

Single & Multiple Options

This updated option comes with additional settings allowing either the addition of ‘Multiple’ records or a ‘Single’ record. To enable the addition of either ‘Multiple’ records or a ‘Single’ record, the ‘Can add records’ option must first be enabled. Once that is enabled, a designer must then determine if the Form should accept the addition of multiple records or a single record.

Can add records – Single Option

When the ‘Single’ radio button is selected, the end user can only add one record per object type (ex: if this is a Cost Object form, only one new Cost Object record can be added)). Only the Save button appears on the end user Form.

Once the user creates the new record and saves, the record can then be edited as long as ‘Readonly’ is not selected. The record count indicator at the bottom never appears because only one record can ever be created by the end user.

When utilized in a Screen Layout, if the Form opens in a pop-up window and is set to Single, then clicking the Save button will save the record and close the Form pop-up window. If the Form opens in a Screen Layout region (not a pop-up window) and is set to Single,  then clicking the Save button will save the record and the Form will continue to display in the Screen Layout region.

Can add records – Multiple Option

When the ‘Multiple’ radio button is selected, the end user can add as many records within the Form as desired. Clicking the New button will bring up an empty record that can be populated with data. For each record added, the Form must be saved.

An example of when the Multiple Option could be used is if a team wanted to utilize a Form to create Change headers in order to provide end users with an easy way to enter information. The Changes could be created in the Form, including basic Change Details. Each Change will be a New record. Then once created, the Change Line Items can be added and then the Change can be submitted via a Visual Workflow or Action Batch.

EcoSys Forms allow designers to manipulate how the data is presented to the user in order to make it easier to work with, allowing for a more direct view rather than working in spreadsheets with many records displayed at once. The ‘Can add records’ feature provides an additional means of controlling data with the option of adding either Multiple or Singe records.

If you are interested in learning more about EcoSys Forms, the TECO2000 EcoSys Configuration course introduces EcoSys Forms navigation and configuration.  The TECO2200 Advanced EcoSys Configuration course explores advanced Form Options, such as formatting, utilizing constant values, and the Save Action option. Check out our training page for more information or to register today!