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Enterprise Project Performance

Resource Administration

Resource Administration serves as a centralized screen for administrators to create and manage an organization’s resources effectively and efficiently. This administrative screen supports the new Resource Management module, available starting with EcoSys Standard Product EC3.01. The Resource Management module helps to ensure the delivery of superior work that is on time and budget. The module enables Resource Managers to request and create Resources, review Resource utilization and availability, and approve Resource timesheets.  

Starting with EcoSys 8.8, Resources can be created within a Resource Hierarchy. The Parent Resource Field has been added to all screens that revolve around Resource Setup and Maintenance. Within the hierarchy, Resources can be added, including key information, such as skill, rates, schedules, and locations. The detail in this data hierarchy of people and labor costs increases the ability to financially plan and budget based on tracked costs. 

Resource Admin

The administration of these Resources falls under Admin > Core Admin > Resource Admin. There are three tabs in the Admin Resource Management screen: Assignment, Admin Projects, and Calendars.

Assignment Tab

Resources are created in the Assignment tab by adding a row to the Assign Resource Managers spreadsheet and setting the appropriate attributes. In the EcoSys Standard Product, resources can be Human (either Named or Discipline), Equipment, Labor, or Materials. 

A Discipline Resource is a Human Resource that acts as a placeholder until a specific individual is eventually assigned to the role. It does not refer to a particular user or person. A Discipline Resource might be a Project Manager, Construction Manager, Civil Engineer, etc. A Named Resource, on the other hand, is a specific individual.  

Named Resources can be added to a Discipline Resource.  For example, a Named Resource can be added to the Discipline Resource of Mechanical Engineers by selecting the appropriate discipline field in the General attributes. This way, when Resources are requested by skills and/or location, a named Resource is available to be selected.

After selecting the corresponding Resource Type in the Assign Resource Managers spreadsheet (top panel), an admin can add, update, and remove Resources in the Resource General form (lower panel). Resources can be assigned to a manager and its details such as, Resource ID, Email, Resource Type and Discipline can be set.  Those details might be an EcoSys “User”, their email address, Discipline, and personal contact information.

Admin Projects Tab

The Admin Projects tab allows admins to assign Resources time off from projects. Time off might be PTO, Administrative Leave, Bereavements, or Holidays. Additional Admin activities may be created in the WBS Structure spreadsheet under the Administration Project.

Resources are assigned time off against these Admin activities. In the Maintain WBS Structure spreadsheet, the ‘Type’ hyperlink is selected and in the Resource Assignment panel, the Resource assigned for time off is selected and hours are entered for the requested date.

Calendars Tab

On the Calendars tab, admins can create Calendars, Calendar Overrides (i.e. Holidays), and Baselines for end-users to be able to select when creating Project Schedules or taking Baselines. 

The Resource Management module enables Resource Administrators to manage Resources, define time off for projects, and create and maintain Calendars. The information maintained in this module by EcoSys administrators in this screen supports Project and Resource Managers to further manage Resources in all areas of project management. 

If you are interested in learning more about EcoSys Resource Management, the TECO3000 EcoSys Administration Configuration course introduces and provides hands-on experience working in EcoSys Resource Administration. Check out our training page for more information or to register today!