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Tips & Tricks: Introduction to the EcoSys Mobile Platform

The EcoSys Mobile Platform allows for seamless interaction with the EcoSys web platform via a native mobile experience. It takes advantage of optimized performance and utilizes the latest technology, compared to web applications or mobile cloud applications developed to be generic across multiple systems.

Benefits of implementing EcoSys Mobile include:

  • Improved EcoSys Automation: familiar approvals, change requests, reporting functionality all in Mobile form
  • Process & Data Integration: information coming from other systems or organizations centralized
  • Team Collaboration: helps teams to collaborate more efficiently without having to work on disconnected processes and systems
  • Control: complete control of the data displayed to end users and of its visualization
  • Convenience: creates easy visibility for field workers who struggle with manual/paper processes with the convenience of accessing information and submitting information from the field
  • User-Friendly: a simple mobile application that requires no additional training
  • Rapid & Easy Deployment: 100% “code-less”, no upgrades, IT programming, or integration effort

The EcoSys Mobile Platform is supported on phones or tablets using either Android or iOS operating systems.

Separate licensing is required for EcoSys Mobile. (Contact your EcoSys Sales Executive for more information.)

EcoSys Mobile requires minimal configuration. The Application Modules, or Mobile Apps, are delivered through the EcoSys Mobile platform and are similar to familiar EcoSys Screen Layouts with automatic filtering. EcoSys Pre-configured Mobile Apps allow for rapid deployment for customers looking for out-of-the-box functionality.  Functionality can be extended  with configuration to add additional or custom Mobile Apps and Views, just as with the EcoSys tool to meet specific process needs.

With the EcoSys Mobile Platform, customers, with a broader vision for how they want to use mobile and how they currently use EcoSys, can leverage the innovative development by publishing any number of Mobile Apps to implement a wide variety of functionalities without writing any software code. EcoSys customers can maximize their use of the mobile application through configuration, bridging the gap between their current EcoSys web platform and their in-the-field EcoSys Mobile Application.

Optimized Mobile Navigation & User Interface

The EcoSys Mobile Platform GUI paradigm follows the industry standard for mobile applications. After a lot of research, the EcoSys development team created an interface that is user friendly, with a standardized format that is familiar to users. Familiar EcoSys workflows are implemented in EcoSys Mobile, so that users can start working right away, on-the-go, yet in an environment that is familiar!

Configuring EcoSys Mobile Applications

Mobile Views

Similar to standard configurable spreadsheets and forms within EcoSys, designers control data and its  display through a new configuration object called Mobile Views. These Mobile Views are where designers define the data by adding fields and filters, etcetera. Conditional Formatting can be used to enhance the usability of Mobile Views. To access the Mobile Views definition area, navigate to Configure > Mobile Views. The Mobile Views definition area has a familiar tab structure, similar to the definition area for spreadsheets and forms.  A View Types tab has been added.  There are 2 primary View Types for Mobile Views: Card Lists that display one or more rows of data and Forms that display one row of data.

Once a library of views has been created, they can be added to and organized in a Mobile App from the EcoSys web platform.

Mobile Apps

To access the Mobile Apps definition area, navigate to Configure > Mobile Apps.  Here the Mobile Apps are created. Once the new Mobile App is created, Screens must be established. Screens serve a similar purpose to that of Screen Layout Panels and is where the user specifies the configuration object to be displayed in each of the Screens, such as an Action Batch, a Mobile View, or a Screen Layout.

Within Mobile Apps, Transitions between Screens are configured on the Drill Down tab. Transitions are similar to Events in Screen Layouts and can be configured to allow a user to either tap, swipe, or click a button.

Once the configuration work is done, the newly configured Mobile App can be viewed in the EcoSys Mobile Platform. Other users in your organization can then take advantage of the improved automation, data integration, and convenience that the EcoSys Mobile Platform offers.


If you are interested in learning more about implementing the EcoSys Mobile Platform for your team, please contact your EcoSys Engagement Manager or Sales Executive.