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Marine & Shipbuilding

Transforming Shipbuilding with Hexagon’s Solutions

The shipbuilding industry has become increasingly global, for good and for bad. Across the EMIA region, shipbuilders face growing competitive pressures, particularly from China, South Korea and Japan. They also need to navigate complex global supply chains, fluctuations in the price and availability of raw materials, and fierce competition for skilled workers worldwide. Lastly, client requirements are evolving, with, for example, a growing demand for eco-friendly boats.

Technology is central to facing these pressures and achieving sustainable growth. Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division offers cutting-edge solutions that enable shipyards to thrive and transform themselves. With the help of advanced data analytics, digital twins and integrated lifecycle management, shipyards can optimize every stage of the shipbuilding process, enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation to meet requirements and stay ahead of market changes.

Navigating the Journey to Shipyard 4.0

The Road Ahead 

Shipbuilding is no longer confined to constructing vessels; it’s about creating sustainable, efficient and technologically advanced ships. Hexagon recognizes this shift and provides shipyards with tools to navigate the journey toward Shipyard 4.0. Here’s how:

  1. Integrated Digital Framework: Hexagon’s solutions connect different disciplines—design, planning and production—into a single management platform. This centralized approach enables efficient material planning, project scheduling and resource allocation. It simplifies the complex processes, allowing shipyards to coordinate their efforts more effectively, thus minimizing delays and reducing waste.
  2. Design-Operation Coordination: Hexagon bridges the gap between as-designed and as-operated by using digital twins. Designers collaborate with operators to ensure existing vessels run efficiently, reducing emissions and dependence on environmentally unfriendly fuels. This enhances operational efficiency but also supports compliance with stringent environmental regulations.
  3. Smart Connected Ships: Hexagon’s solutions position shipbuilders for the era of smart connected ships. By integrating data from various sources, including the supply chain, ship operators can analyze information effectively and optimize vessel performance. Smart connected ships are more efficient, safer, and more responsive to the evolving conditions of today’s fast-paced maritime industry. 

Hexagon’s Solutions for Shipbuilding

Empowering Shipbuilders

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division focuses on empowering shipbuilders throughout the ship construction lifecycle. Here are some key products that drive value:

  1. Design and Engineering: an integrated approach to engineering and design can help solve many issues in the initial phases of your digital transformation journey and significantly increase data reliability.  
    Intergraph Smart® Yard: A comprehensive solution that streamlines planning, execution                    and sustainability across shipyards.

  2. Execution and Sustainability:
    Digitalization: At every stage of shipbuilding, Hexagon's digitization initiatives improve design, execution and sustainability. Shipyards can increase productivity and stay up to date with industry changes by streamlining processes. 
    Data-Driven Decision-Making: Hexagon’s solutions empower shipbuilders to make informed decisions based on real-time data. This includes optimizing material usage, production methods and workforce planning. 

Areas for Improvement in Shipyards

While these solutions provide significant advantages, there are areas where shipyards can further improve:

  1. Collaboration: Encourage tighter cooperation between shipyards, designers and naval architects. A cohesive framework enables all parties involved to create the best possible designs and streamline operations.
  2. Skill Transition: As experienced employees retire, shipyards must onboard new talent. Hexagon’s tools can assist in training and knowledge transfer. 

Benefits of Using Hexagon's Solutions in Shipyards

Using Hexagon Design solutions

  • Design and engineering can create a connected 3D layout
  • Improved design precision and reduced rework
  • Enhanced collaboration across different engineering departments
  • Accelerated project timelines through streamlined processes

Construction and Fabrication 

  • More efficient material tracking and management
  • Better visualization of construction processes and planning
  • Improved capacity planning and workload balancing
  • Reduction in construction errors due to precise 3D models

Operations and Maintenance 

  • Enhanced operational efficiency with data-centric management
  • Improved maintenance scheduling through predictive analytics
  • Better safety standards compliance and risk management

Project Management 

  • Real-time progress tracking through integrated software solutions
  • Enhanced decision-making with data-driven insights
  • Cost reduction through efficient resource management
  • Project controls 

In conclusion, Hexagon’s software solutions are about more than just meeting the challenges of today; they are about anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Empower shipyards to embrace digital transformation, enhance efficiency and build greener vessels. By leveraging these tools, shipbuilders can sail confidently into the future of shipbuilding. As the industry moves forward, Hexagon stands as a key partner, guiding shipyards through the complexities of modern shipbuilding toward a more efficient and sustainable future.