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Enhance Handover Communications

Handovers of shifts are one of any industry's most critical communications areas. Letting the oncoming group know the system's status and what work is going on can result in great outcomes or problems depending on the communications. A digital knowledge management system like AcceleratorKMS® is a great way to enhance communications. Digital information is kept accurate and is accessible even after the outgoing shift leaves. What is better than a list of ongoing work that is time-stamped (and date-stamped) with the person who has done the work leading up to the handover? A list view of the work makes this incredibly easy to see. 

The progress of completions shows accurate data on the creation and a total number of steps completed, as well as who has completed them in the “completion activity” widget contained in AccelertorKMS. This can be easily configured to show the entire unit work, area work or division needed for oncoming shift work. This can also be easily pulled from the system into an application programming interface (API) for further analysis and communications in other software sets. 

What an easy way to see what work is happening, how far it has gotten along and how accurate it is. 

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AcceleratorKMS Overview and AcceleratorKMS Difference Infographic

About the Author

Vern Wingfield joined Hexagon AcceleratorKMS in November 2017 as a Project Manager. Vern has worked as an engineer, trainer and manager at NASA, Ashland, GP Strategies and Innovatia. He has extensive experience in training, influencing, consulting and leadership in aerospace, chemical and oil and gas plants. As a project manager and then CSM, Vern has handled all stages of projects, including operational excellence and digitalization. Vern hopes to bring innovation and growth to his clients through the CSM principles and consultations to improve safety and performance. Vern enjoys family and friends through various activities, including family gatherings and various sporting events played and coached within the family. Other hobbies include golf, amateur radio, camping in the woods and cooking from the grill to the kitchen.

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