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Plant Design

The Pörner Group Streamlines Projects with Hexagon’s Integrated Solutions

The Pörner Group, Central Europe's leading independent engineering company specializing in process plant engineering, has been undertaking an initiative to optimize its workflow for revamped plant construction projects. With 50 years of experience, Pörner serves various industries, including refineries, petrochemical, gas, chemical, power generation, environmental, industrial production, and pharmaceutical sectors. 

The Challenges 

Recognizing the necessity of automatic data synchronization and integrated working environments, Pörner has long partnered with Hexagon, striving for solutions that enable seamless data transfer across Hexagon's design tools and third-party systems. This collaboration has been instrumental in Pörner's pursuit of an integrated digital workflow, aptly named Anlagenbau  4.0. 

The global engineering firm faced the pressing need to improve project throughput times without compromising the quality of service. With projects growing in size and complexity, the demand for a system-independent CAD landscape became apparent. Such a landscape would support Pörner in meeting critical project requirements, integrating data from various sources, eliminating data silos, and facilitating cross-location collaboration. 

The Solution 

Addressing these challenges, the company needed software that could seamlessly transfer data between Hexagon's design tools and third-party systems, featuring a user-friendly interface for both engineers and administrators. Given the global nature of its projects, Pörner faced the challenge of reducing project completion times without compromising quality. The firm also sought to optimize its system-independent CAD landscape to manage increasingly large and complex projects across different locations. 

Looking Ahead 

Hermann Thomas, Head of Department / CAD Coordinator for Piping Engineering at The Pörner Group, encapsulates the essence of this journey: "In our internal project, 'Anlagenbau 4.0 Revamped by Pörner,' we aim to optimize our digital workflows from the project's inception to its completion. Hexagon has been our main partner throughout this journey, thanks to years of fruitful cooperation and their commitment to the future." 

As The Pörner Group continues to navigate the complexities of modern engineering challenges, its partnership with Hexagon stands as a testament to the power of combining technological innovation with human expertise. This synergy not only paves the way for achieving project excellence but also sets new industry standards, underscoring the importance of digital transformation in the EPC sector. 

The journey of The Pörner Group with Hexagon is a vivid illustration of how embracing Plant Engineering 4.0 can revolutionize project management and design, offering valuable insights for EPC companies worldwide. As we move forward, the lessons learned and successes achieved by pioneers like Pörner will undoubtedly shape the future of engineering project execution. For more details about this case study, click here