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Asset Model Update - December 2023

The following Asset Models have been released. For a complete list of enhancement/fixes, please refer to the product Release Notes.

For more information about these asset models, create a support ticket through the Smart Community Portal.

Asset Models Released and/or Updated:

PAS Inventory Items v2.0.0.2

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • New Inventory Sequence created for SNMP Network Devices.
  • Included the Firmware Inventory Objects for Rockwell Studio 5000 asset. 
  • Fixed an Inventory Import error Issue with Honeywell TPS. 
  • Rockwell MicroLogix controller inventory will display OS Firmware Version in Firmware (FW) object. 
  • Updated the Rockwell Studio 5000 Inventory to fetch the details from the Inventory ACCDB file. 

Yokogawa Centum VP v3.0.0.4

Enhancements/Fixes Include:

  • Optimization of Asset Model for inventory-only import purposes.
  • Added Asset property Inventory Only Import in the asset model that allows the import of inventory-only information.
  • Reference tab is available for Stations and IO Module object types.
  • Graphics show information to match with native graphics to the extent possible. 
  • Fixed an issue with common switches being added or deleted. 
  • Fixed an import error.

New data collection is Not Required when upgrading to these new versions.

Recent Asset Model Releases: