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Hexagon releases version 6.2.0 of Siemens interface

Hexagon is pleased to announce the release of Siemens interface version 6.2.0 for PAS PlantState Integrity. 

Enhancements/Fixes include: 

  • Resolved an issue in the PCS7 OPC AE import where string or binary data was truncated.[CAS-77947-52R7S4] 
  • Updated PCS7 imports to support additional tag types.[CAS-77586-C8D4T4] 
  • Updated PCS7 imports to provide proper descriptions of created control loops.[222509] 
  • Updated partial point configuration imports to retain Asset Hierarchy custom folders during imports.

The following import types were updated in this release:

  • PCS7 APACS File Point Configuration 
  • PCS7 APACS File Partial Point Configuration 
  • PCS7 OPC AE 
  • PCS7 w/ Adv. Process Library Point Configuration CSV Files. 
  • PCS7 V6.0 Event Files

For a complete list of enhancements/fixes, please refer to the Release Notes. This interface is available to all customers current on support with PlantState Integrity 8.8 or above. Please download the software from PPM Smart Community or contact the Technical Support Team at