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Redline Creation and Review in an Engineering Information Management Tool - Session 1

As the world waits to see how business will change in the coming weeks, months or even years, many companies are looking to digital technology to help propel their businesses forward.This webinar series will showcase how digitalization can be used to reduce risk, increase efficiency and provide greater collaboration on the job site as well as enable better remote communications.

Each webinar session walks attendees through the tools necessary to perform value-added tasks geared towards remote collaboration. The sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length including Q&A. 

Click the On-Demand webinar sessions below to to view the recordings and stay tuned for more informative series to come.

On-Demand Webinar Sessions:

  1. Redline Creation and Review in an Engineering Information Management Tool
  2. Enhanced Decision Making - Unlocking the Power of Integration
  3. Operate and Maintain with Remote Shift Excellence
  4. The Power of a Digital P&ID 
  5. Standards and Controls to Minimize Physical Handover and Ensure Accuracy
  6. No More Paper Handling! The Connected Worker  
  7. Open Forum Wrap-Up Session 


Rodrigo Vigna
Senior Technical Sales Consultant

Rodrigo is an Engineer with more than 15 years of experience with multiple design and information management tools in the oil & gas, mining, shipbuilding and general construction industries. He has extensive experience with the Hexagon suite of tools with integration into corporate systems like SAP, Maximo, Primavera and others and is a technology expert, implementation lead and business development lead for Hexagon.