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Case Study – Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration: How C.S. Impianti Leveraged Hexagon's Solutions for Its Design Engineering Project

C.S. Impianti, a company specializing in plant engineering services and basic and detailed design for industrial companies, undertook a project to design and construct two gas compressor stations for efficient and consistent natural gas compression. With a focus on safety and environmental considerations, their goals were to meet technical specifications, develop a comprehensive engineering plan, optimize design and operation, and ensure compliance.

The project encountered challenges, particularly the need for urgent infrastructure establishment. To overcome this, C.S. Impianti sought a solution that would provide a scalable and compatible environment while allowing them to concentrate on engineering tasks. They ultimately chose a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Hexagon's Intergraph Smart® 3D and Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation, to manage 3D models, plant deliverables, and instrument documentation.

Implementing Hexagon's solutions offered numerous benefits. It streamlined collaboration, enhancing communication and coordination among team members. Design and engineering efficiency improved, resulting in time savings and higher output quality. Errors were minimized, leading to increased precision and reduced rework. The implementation process was rapid and seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. The SaaS model provided scalability and adaptability, optimizing resources based on project needs. The cost-effective solution avoided upfront IT expenses and lengthy procurement processes. Hexagon's unified interface simplified project execution by consolidating hosting, infrastructure, and software.

Overall, C.S. Impianti's operations significantly improved, enhancing its competitiveness. Fabio Aiello, System Manager at C.S. Impianti, commended the Hexagon team for their assistance in setting up the environment, upgrading the software, and successfully migrating the 3D model data.

C.S. Impianti continues its successful partnership with Hexagon, relying on their design solutions for 3D model management and documentation. The recent collaboration was highly positive, with the Hexagon team providing outstanding support and resolving critical issues promptly to maintain project timelines. C.S. Impianti expressed their satisfaction with the ongoing collaboration, emphasizing the proactive and supportive nature of the Hexagon team.

In conclusion, C.S. Impianti's utilization of Hexagon's solutions has greatly improved its operations and overall competitiveness. The partnership has proven beneficial, with Hexagon's team demonstrating excellent support and problem-solving abilities throughout the project.

Read the full case study to know how C.S. Impianti achieved increased design efficiency using Hexagon's solutions.  

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