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GT STRUDL: The Unsung Superhero of Structural Analysis

Simply put, GT STRUDL is a powerful and easy to use tool for the analysis and design of structural systems and/or components using beam and finite elements. The great thing about GT STRUDL is that it can be used on any type of structure.

It has been used to model art, bridges, culverts, buildings, pipe racks, ship hulls and tensile fabric structures … about anything you could imagine! Because of its flexibility, it allows engineers to standardize on one tool for any project they take on, especially as more engineering firms have diversified in today’s competitive environment.

As all industries improve, adapt and take on new solutions to further their skills and offerings, the integration of GT STRUDL should be no different for new and existing industries. From modular nuclear projects to the design of offshore wind farm structures, many different industries are beginning to leverage GT STRUDL.

Known for its high quality solvers and versatility, the solution allows engineers in energy (or any industry project) to be confident with their analysis results and code checking. The flexible workflows, documentation and report generation also allows for easy peer review of the analysis model, loads, load combinations, analysis results and code checking, which saves time, gives you leaner designs and increases consistency.

Key Customer Gains from GT STRUDL

  • GT STRUDL can be utilized for a range of engineering tasks, enabling you to become very familiar and efficient when using the solution. For advanced users, the ability to create macros to automate and standardize things like loads, load combinations and certain workflows means that all involved in the project can be assured they have the correct information. This reduces the number of working hours on the project.
  • With multiple ways to model structures and create loads, you have the power to choose the right approach for your unique project, whilst checking against international design codes.
  • GT STRUDL utilizes today’s modern computing platforms with multi-core processors, multiple processors and large amounts of RAM. This means that for even the most rigorous analysis problems, you don’t have to wait long for the advance analysis outcome.

For nearly 40 years, GT STRUDL has offered structural engineers a complete design solution and is known for its power and ability to handle challenging projects. Incorporation of 3D CAD modeling and 64-bit high-performance computation solvers into all versions of GT STRUDL has created a tool that’s very easy to use for every-day projects.

With the new release of GT STRUDL 2020, your analysis methods are not limited by model size, the complexity of analysis or long run times. So discover more today.

About the Author

With over 15 years of experience in training, construction management, vibration, and acoustical engineering and structural engineering, Geoff has real insight into customer pain points and how CADWorx & Analysis Solutions can improve workflow, design and analysis.

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