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How EcoSys Helped Turner & Townsend Enhance Project Performance at Heathrow Airport

Turner & Townsend is a professional services company based in the U.K. specializing in program management, project management, cost management, and consulting.  

In the post-COVID world, Heathrow Airport has recognized the need to enhance its processes, procedures, tools, technology, and reporting to manage its portfolio, programs, and projects effectively. As a result, they have appointed Turner & Townsend to enhance their existing PMO by defining integrated project control processes and procedures, replacing legacy systems with software solutions, and automating reporting outputs. This will help Heathrow Airport make informed decisions about project selection, delivery performance, and overall capital plan management. 

Overcoming Challenges 

Heathrow Airport, the busiest airport in the world and a key transportation hub in Europe, faced several challenges that needed to be addressed. The airport’s existing processes, procedures, and systems architecture required improvement. The legacy systems in place operated independently and did not share data, leading to inefficiencies and manual work. The lack of integration resulted in duplication of effort, additional resources, and the need for manual data entry. Reporting was static, and compiling ad-hoc information requests was time-consuming. To overcome these challenges, Heathrow recognized the importance of transitioning from Excel spreadsheets to enterprise systems. The goal was to integrate Cost, Change, Performance, Schedule, and Risk data into a single repository, enabling users to access real-time information rather than waiting for monthly reports. To do this, they turned to EcoSys users, Turner & Townsend. 

Realizing Results 

Turner & Townsend assessed various tools and identified EcoSys as the ideal solution for managing costs, changes, performance, and portfolios at Heathrow. Around 60 Turner & Townsend employees utilize the current system and manage 500 active projects across construction, operations, and technology. Dan Ryan, Account Manager at Turner & Townsend, praises EcoSys for its easy configuration and continuous system enhancements, resulting in improved efficiency and reliable data. 

Learn how Turner & Townsend leveraged EcoSys to empower better project delivery and enable their client, Heathrow.

Read the case study here.