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Rediscover EcoSys: The Ultimate Solution for Enterprise Project Performance

Are you tired of wasting time, resources, and energy on your organization’s capital projects and portfolios? Do you feel like your team is flying blind with information scattered across multiple systems, spreadsheets, and weekly reports? Do you often worry you’re behind when it comes to modernizing your project and portfolio processes and best practices?  If so, it’s time to rediscover EcoSys, the leading Enterprise Project Performance solution. 

EcoSys integrates project management, project controls, and portfolio management in one platform, allowing you to digitize all your capital projects across your organization. But don’t just take our word for it! 

To learn more about EcoSys, we asked James Tauladan,  EMIA Vice President of Enterprise Project Performance and an expert in the field, for his thoughts on the advancements made by EcoSys over the last few years. James explained that EcoSys offers more than just project controls, with preconfigured content like fund management and change management available out of the box. He compared EcoSys to building blocks due to the solution’s scalability. EcoSys users won’t have to rip & replace the environment they’ve crafted within EcoSys as their business grows. Instead, they’re empowered to build on their existing infrastructure within the solution. As they build, EcoSys provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to ensure maximum functionality. Another major advancement is EcoSys’ ability to serve as a bridge between previously siloed systems. This emphasis on integration allows organizations to achieve greater visibility and data accuracy. 

With EcoSys, your project teams can effectively communicate and manage risks and changes, saving time and effort. Everything is in one place, and everyone’s on the same page. You get complete, real-time visibility into the performance of all your projects, programs, and portfolios across the entire project lifecycle. This means you can allocate resources, check how each project aligns with your strategy, and ensure you execute the right project at the right time. You identify issues early, avoid costly mistakes, and make better business decisions. 

So why not ditch the status quo and achieve maximized efficiency, predictability, and control in your entire project portfolio with EcoSys? Watch this video to learn more about the leading Enterprise Project Performance solution.

Ready to see EcoSys in action? Request a demo, today!