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Operations Risk Management

Straightforward Digitalization of Plant Operations for Quick Time to Value

Today, most businesses within the Industry have a digitalization strategy yet struggle to scale solutions that drive value. Decision-makers must go to the root of these problems to address them strategically.

Discover how the Hexagon j5 Operations Management System (OMS) allows companies to combine numerous previously separate business processes, e.g. Permit to Work, isolations management and control, operator rounds and routine duties, with operations management activities, such as shift handover and operations logbooks, into a single, integrated application suite that is as easy to configure as a spreadsheet.

Watch to learn the challenges these solutions are intended to address and the benefits j5 can deliver, including: 

  • Executive productivity gains of 2hrs per day per person
  • Up to 15% reduction in unplanned maintenance costs
  • Saving of >2% production losses
  • >2.5% increase in wrench time /effective maintenance activity
  • 50% reduction in production and operations reporting costs
  • >50% reduction in audit and continuous improvement costs
  • 30% reduction in Accident and Incident investigation costs