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How a leading producer of renewable energy moved to the cloud with HxGN EAM

CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône), France's leading producer of 100% renewable energy, has significantly transformed its asset management by migrating to the cloud with HxGN EAM. Established in 1933, CNR has been a pioneer in hydropower, managing 49 plants and contributing 25% to France's hydroelectric capacity. Over the past 15 years, CNR has expanded into wind and solar energy, managing 58 wind farms and 54 photovoltaic plants. 

Historically, CNR relied on an on-premises HxGN EAM system for two decades to manage its extensive assets. In 2022, they began transitioning to a cloud-based system to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and leverage advanced features like mobility, asset performance management, and root cause analysis. This migration, starting with the wind and solar assets, was successfully completed in January 2023, within a three-month timeframe. 

The Key Results 

This strategic move has yielded multiple benefits for CNR. It has streamlined the integration with other solutions such as PowerBI and enabled real-time operational insights. The cloud system has simplified collaboration with over 90 third-party operators and has positioned CNR for future growth and operational excellence in the renewable energy sector across Europe. 

Key achievements include a rapid and seamless transition of more than 100 sites to the new system in just three months, the integration of advanced features for enhanced operational efficiency, and the successful engagement of numerous external partners.  

Christelle Brugière from CNR commended the HxGN EAM team for their outstanding execution and efficiency in managing the migration, emphasizing its crucial role in enhancing CNR's current operations and fortifying its strategic preparedness for upcoming challenges.

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