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How a Leading EPC Company Streamlines Projects with iConstruct ®

Over the past two decades, digital transformation has become essential for EPC companies in the energy sector, with digital engineering tools enhancing project performance and predictability. Technip Energies, born from the 2021 spinoff of TechnipFMC, has established itself as a global leader in engineering and construction projects, operating in 35 countries. The adoption of iConstruct in 2019 marked a pivotal step towards establishing a robust digital framework, improving data accuracy in 3D models, and integrating Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) data more seamlessly, which in turn, elevated project efficiency. 

The Challenge: Unifying Data Management Practices to Eliminate Silos 

As the company gained a global presence, it faced growing challenges with managing its technical data. In the complex realm of 3D modeling, ensuring the accuracy and usability of data is paramount. Technip Energies recognized the importance of streamlined and unified data management, especially for the seamless integration of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) data into its 3D models. To tackle these challenges and establish a robust digital framework for their projects, Technip Energies adopted iConstruct in 2019. This tool became central to its strategy, enhancing data accuracy in 3D models and ensuring the effective integration of EPC data, elevating project efficiency. 

The Solution 

iConstruct's integration with Technip Energies' processes ensures data validity across platforms and saves time by automating manual operations. This digital transformation has not only improved project performance but also fostered a data-driven culture within Technip Energies, demonstrating the software's value in handling complex engineering projects. 

iConstruct, with its Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities, serves as the foundation for managing the entire project lifecycle, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and logic across projects involving numerous parties, suppliers, designs, and data sets. It facilitated a transition to a 3D model-based data management system, allowing Technip Energies to produce detailed 3D models that provide enriched project overviews and streamlined access to information. This tool has been instrumental in transforming traditional data management approaches, enabling the creation of more organized and accessible data structures, reducing risks, and improving alignment between teams. 

The Key Results 

Notably, iConstruct's utility extended to managing 130,000 Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files in a piping project, showcasing its ability to process and organize massive datasets effectively. The software's integration features and the ability to pull data from various sources while ensuring its validity have been particularly valuable, making it a time-saving tool for the company. The implementation of iConstruct has significantly improved project performance, fostered a data-driven culture within Technip Energies, and supported the company in navigating the complexities of large-scale engineering projects. The software's user-friendliness and its role in driving collaboration and efficiency underscore the importance of reliable, effective tools in managing the data-intensive lifecycle of EPC projects. For more details about this case study, click here to read the full case study.