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OT/ICS Cybersecurity

Data Rich, Information Poor: Optimizing OT/ICS Operational and Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Assessing OT/ICS risk is a three-dimensional challenge where multiple sources of information are needed to fully manage risk in the industrial environment. This “risk triangle” must consider environmental, vulnerability, and impact factor context to effectively assess the risk within the industrial facility.

Join this 30 minute webinar to learn how to:

  • Better comprehend and resolve safety and cybersecurity risk
  • Achieve an enterprise-wide, holistic image of multiple risk domains with a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and enhanced risk-based decision-making
  • Precisely identify systems at risk of penetration or exploit leveraging meaningful and actionable data regarding risk level and vulnerabilities for remediation

Meet the Presenters

Brent Kedzierski

Nick Cappi

Vice President
Chief Learning Officer at HumanWRKS
Principal Consultant at Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division

Nick Cappi is Vice President, Portfolio Strategy and Enablement for OT Cybersecurity in Hexagon Asset Lifecyle Intelligence division. Nick joined PAS in 1995, which was acquired by Hexagon in 2020. In his role, Nick oversees commercial success of the business, formulates and prioritizes the strategic themes, and works with product owners to set strategic product direction. During his tenure at PAS, Nick has held a variety of positions including Vice President of Product Management and Technical Support, Director of Technical Consulting, Director of Technology, Managing Director for Asia Pacific Region, and Director of Product Management. Nick brings over 26 years of industrial control system and cybersecurity experience within the processing industries.

Blair Morgan

Scott Plunkett

Cybersecurity Product Line Leader
Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division

Scott Plunkett joined PAS in 2018 and is the Product Manager for PAS Cyber Integrity and Automation Integrity. Since the acquisition of PAS by Hexagon in 2020 he leads product management for all of the PAS products within the Hexagon PPM portfolio. Scott is an entrepreneurial operations management professional with over 25 years progressive experience in account management, consultancy, customer service, software development and project/services management. Scott’s additional areas of expertise include project analysis & design, including budgeting, risk, scope, costing, resource estimates and tracking; multi-mode contact center design, deployment and management; and product management and agile software development team management.