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Tips & Tricks: A Tour of EcoSys Connect

Our newest integration product available to EcoSys customers, EcoSys Connect, is a no-code/low-code integration platform that consolidates data from multiple systems. It maximizes your existing technology investments with one login, one database and many solutions. Our cloud-enabled integration platform improves performance and reliability, while reducing implementation time and costs.

The EcoSys Connect User Dashboard allows admins to monitor Job Status and Audit Logs. Job Automation features allow you to schedule and run on-demand executions. The robust error-handling and field-mapping of EcoSys Connect make it flexible, reliable, and easy to implement.

EcoSys Connectors are out-of-the-box solutions that integrate EcoSys with external systems. The new EcoSys Oracle P6 Connector can be used in place of the previous EcoSys P6 Adapter. This new EcoSys Connector boosts performance, enables integration with multiple P6 instances, simplifies P6 integrations, and allows for new master data integration types and Activity imports. In addition to the EcoSys Oracle P6 Connector, the EcoSys SAP Connector, the EcoSys Oracle EBS Connector, and the EcoSys MS Project Connector are currently under development and expected to be released over the course of the year.

EcoSys Connect Home Page

The EcoSys Connect Home Page details statistics on all EcoSys Connect Jobs and their components. From this home page, you can view Successful, Failed, Canceled, Current, and Upcoming Jobs.  Job components, such as Repositories, Connectors, Authenticators, and Agents, can also be viewed from the home page.

Job Management Screen

Building integration job logic is easy with EcoSys Connect. Users can easily create Jobs, define Job Steps, and schedule Jobs in the Job Management screen. Job status and execution details are easily accessed in the History pane.

Starting an EcoSys Connect Job

There are a few ways to start a Job. Jobs can be run directly in the EcoSys user interface as part of integrated workflow automation. (For instructions on adding EcoSys Connect menus to your configuration, visit the Hexagon PPM Documentation site). Once the menu items have been added, the Job can be selected from that menu. Once selected, an Action window will display, where parameters are entered, if required, and the job can be run.

Jobs can also be started and stopped by clicking the Run and the Stop button directly within the EcoSys Connect UI.

Jobs can also be run according to a schedule. EcoSys Connect’s scheduling functionality provides the flexibility to schedule a Job based on time, date, week, and month.

Advanced scheduling options are accessed by clicking the “Advanced” button. Options for setting the Job to run a specific number of days(s) from the end of the month, on the last weekday of the month, on a specific day of a specific week, and on the nearest weekday to a specific day are available in Advanced scheduling.

EcoSys Actions can be configured to run Jobs as part of workflow automation. These Actions need to be configured with the Action Type of Connect Job with the intended Job Name entered in the Connect Job Settings tab of the Connect Job Action.

EcoSys Connect Job Status Screen

Job Status can be viewed in the EcoSys Connect Job Status screen. Job details, such as Integration Type, Integration User, Job Status, Success Count, Error Count, Parameters, Create and Last Update Date, can be visualized in the Job Status screen.

Job Migration

EcoSys Connect Jobs are easily moved between instances with the built-in migration tool. This tool is accessed by selecting the Jobs from the Job Management screen and clicking the Export Checked Jobs button. Jobs can also be imported by selecting the Jobs and clicking the Import Jobs button.

EcoSys Connect System Utilities

EcoSys Connect System Utilities include Dispatcher Logs, System Health, and Password Encryption. To view System Utilities, click the System Utilities button in the UI.

EcoSys Connect can be seamlessly accessed through the EcoSys Application and utilized to fetch, retrieve, read, and write data to-and-from various external systems. Many EcoSys customers are already reaping the benefits of fully integrated systems with the implementation of the EcoSys Connect platform.

For more information on purchasing EcoSys Connect, please call your EcoSys Sales Representative or contact us here.

EcoSys Training provides an engaging learning environment for technical and business leaders to learn EcoSys. Our TECO3000 EcoSys Administration course covers the functional administration of EcoSys, including EcoSys Connect.

For EcoSys course schedule and information visit our training webpage.